ERP Software Modules That Performs An important Function For Any Organization

ERP software is one important tool which provides enhancement for any business. ERP software easily integrates all the organization of one company in a one unit. Starting from the management of the resources to the administration of the processes, the entire business can be easily managed with the help of ERP software. The basic advantage of using this software is that here is very little use of human intervention and one can easily achieve the desired target within very much less amount of time.

For properly functioning of organization ERP software consist of several ERP modules that help to improve different business processes which leads to overall increase in the efficiency of any organization.  In simple term we can say that, an ERP software module can be best referred as a group of software programs that performs an important function in ERP software.

ERP modules

Different Types of ERP modules

Administration module:

The admin module looks over defining and assigning role to User’s. It tells who has to do what the particular role of in the ERP system. It also controls and manages User’s password policy. User session tracking, back-up, and database check are some prime activities which is conducted by  Admin module.

Finance module:


Finance module is one of the hearts of any ERP software. It is one of the most important ERP modules.  The finance ERP module collects all kinds of financial data and generates reports like quarterly financial statements, overall balance sheets, Creditors balance, ledgers and profit /loss reports of the company many other financial reports.

Sales and Marketing module:


Many ERP software companies provide combined Sales and Marketing module in ERP software system. And that is why it is known as a sales and Marketing module. This combined ERP software module can handle different business processes like order scheduling, order placement, order execution, invoicing, shipping, lead generation and various other important marketing and sales related functions.

Human Resources module:


The main function of ERP HR module is to maintain employee data of any particular company and store information of every employee. Like their contact information, attendance, salary details, performance evaluation and many other important employee details.  The HR ERP module stores and manages all employee information from joining date to leave date.

Purchasing module:


The purchasing ERP module modernizes procurement of raw materials. And perform different processes like recognizing prospective suppliers and price negotiation, The Purchase module is strongly integrated with other modules such as production planning, inventory control to avoid over purchasing.

That’s why ERP software is become so much popular worldwide and as a result ERP software development has increased significantly over the last one decade because of ease of use and its ability to provide equally effective and accurate results for every types of industrial organization, makes ERP software more and more popular by every passing day. As a result you can find many software development companies, who provide best work for their clients because of these ERP software modules which really work important functions in ERP software.

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