Domestic Indian outsourcing | A new attractive option for the organizations

Domestic software outsourcing is considered a cost-friendly alternative to offshore outsourcing models. The service providers establish offices in rural domestic places to mix the value of a local vendor with the benefit of employee loyalty, lower labor price, high quality and value via innovation. The decisions to outsource depend on, whether using a domestic Indian service provider who can provide software outsourcing solutions. That is why it is a good idea to look for a provider who would partner long term and fits in with the company methodologies and culture.

Benefits to Domestic Indian Outsourcing

  1. Low wages and Cost of Living:

cutcostIn terms of cost of living and wage, rural sourcing providers that are located in rural areas could pass on lower wages, costs of living and real estate to customers, offering a cost-effective option to off-shoring models. Territorial centers could pass on from twenty percent to forty percent wage savings compared to centers which are located in urban locations of the United States.

2. Language, Business Culture & Time Zones:

bcultureThis kind of source ensures that the work outsourced is done in complementary time zones and staff who understands US business culture as well as speaks fluent American English. The proficiency in the language could facilitate good communications and lower operational issues. Mis communications and misunderstandings over a 12 hour time zone difference could cost a project a full day slip.

3. Easy to maintain data Privacy Regulations:


Some organizations and government agencies working with private customer information should keep all their operations within the area to comply with company regulations, customer agreements, privacy of data and intellectual property laws. Some firms that are US-based use domestic sourcing staff since they want to support as well as create local job during the hard economic times. Others use within the country resources because of political issues. This resulted to many companies having policies that require them to use a specific percentage of local suppliers. Territorial software outsourcing or insourcing is an established software industry trend. Service providers combine high quality assurance and software engineering services with a lower price model.

4. Help for effective use of corporate social responsibility:

csrThe sourcing process could be extremely beneficial if the development team requires frequent visits or close communication with the technology providers. Moreover, it may also be the perfect solution for small and medium businesses without the resources to manage offshore tasks. Businesses searching for economical custom solutions with compromising quality could be better off with this process. Nowadays, when agile development is a much preferred option, it requires a high degree of interaction. Thus, local sources allow providers to coordinate, deliver the product faster and with higher quality.

Rural software outsourcing professionals have established excellent working models by partnering with local universities and colleges in order to deliver loyal, highly skilled staff. The partnership offers a lot of benefits like boosting the local economy, talent scale for the provider, placement of college graduates and creating and retaining knowledge within the country or location. This kind of sourcing is now a growing trend in the United States since it provides both tangible and intangible benefits in terms of product innovation, cost, excellent employee retention, high collaboration, corporate social responsibility, geopolitical stability and regulations in data privacy.

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