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The five steps that could help to the success of a transcription outsourcing project or process

Medical transcription is also known as MT, which is an allied health profession. It deals in the process of transcribing or converting voice-recorded reports that are dictated by doctors or other healthcare professionals into a text format. It is also a process for transcribing financial, legal, law enforcement documents. It has become a very lucrative career for many people all over the globe for years now. The job could be done in the comforts of one’s home and provides more flexibility and greater career options.

Medical transcription outsourcing has turned into one of the most important industries in the outsourcing field. Service providers offer accurate and fast medical, legal, law enforcement, financial and general transcription services. Organizing and transcribing documents in-house could be a stressful and time-consuming job. Outsourcing  then to a third party vendor is the best option.

On-time delivery, accuracy and cost-effective services are the major things that an organization must look for in an outsourcing provider. The most frustrating thing when hiring a third party vendor is hiring one that provides low quality or slow services. So, how does one narrow down the search? Here are five steps that could be used to be able to find the right service provider and be assured of quality works.
N 91. Before hunting for a sourcing vendor, it is vital to determine one’s transcription requirements. What is the turnaround time desired and does a high accuracy level important? Finding the answers to such questions could help figure out the ideal vendor for a business. There are offshore companies that offer low cost services but without compromising quality.

2. After understanding the requirements, begin researching several options. The internet could provide several information on service providers. The search results could bring up a comprehensive list. It is important to take some time to go through the sites of the vendors and review the services they have on offer. This way, the company could weigh its options before proceeding.

3. Before filling up a contact form on a site, it is necessary to talk or chat with the vendor’s representative. Questions such as quality control processes, level of accuracy, security, turnaround time and transcribers should be asked. This allows an organization to check the accuracy level of the firm and its expertise before being committed to them.

4. Once a company is chosen, it is good to ask them the process they follow. Most firms in India follow a simple process called “Voice to Text” wherein all that is to be done is to upload the file to be transcribed. If required, the audio or text file could also be emailed. When the work is completed, the file would be emailed back or made available for download.

5. The moment the transcripts are delivered, it is paramount to check for accuracy. Determine if the final transcript meets the standards in mind. If it is not satisfying, the vendor could be contacted and requested to make changes. Providing feedback could help them understand one’s requirements and accordingly meet them.